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About Sarah

Kinesiologist, Life/Success Coach, Homoeopath, Nutritionist

Kinesiology Trainer - ICPKP / TFH 

I am Sarah Gilmour-Mayne the founder of Vital Qi .


I am blessed to be wife to my amazing husband James and mother to our divine daughters Ziva and Samara....little souls who help us grow and learn every day. I am someone who gets to do what I love every day. To be in a space with people that is such an honour....and that’s my job.


From a young age I knew my path was about being a catalyst for others to change, I didn’t know how but I knew i would. So when I graduated from high school I was inspired through a great teacher and friend to go down the path of Natural medicine so I studied Homoeopathy and nutritional medicine and then began practicing and had the opportunity of working with a brilliant practitioner who moulded me with her 40 years experience into a pretty confident and capable professional. I worked with many clients for several years but kept seeing patterns in my clients that were deeper then the symptoms. So they would recover from physical symptoms but come back 3,6, 12 months later with a different physical presentation the same underlying pattern. This fascinated me. Also at this time under the guidance of my wonderful mentor Jackie Fitzgerald I connected with the world of energy, she was my Reiki master and taught me a lot about my spiritual self and started my journey into personal development: learning about quantum physics and the vibrational world. So I knew there had to be something, a tool a way of connecting an individual with what is at the core of their creation of this limitation and what specifically for them was needed to move beyond it. Enter Kinesiology, a way of accessing each beings personal roadmap to how they can shift on any or all levels to not only achieve their chosen outcome but to get to the core of who they perceive they are and to empower them to know that they are a brilliant and divine being.


This. became a consuming passion and I went on to study many Kinesiology forms and qualifications.

This is when I met my second great mentor Mr Arthur Bablis who I did my kinesiology training with and who helped me to believe enough in myself to share this passion and teach Kinesiology. I worked with Arthur for over a decade as a senior lecturer at his college and several other colleges learning, growing and evolving as a practitioner and teacher and learning about the ins and outs of training, business and the industry. 


After the birth of my second baby I knew it was time to create a learning centre of my own that would encapsulate all of the learning and feedback I have received through the years to nurture students to their goals in a format that works for successful adult learners.     

I adore helping people on a daily basis and see the amazing results that this work actualises but what I love even more is training practitioners who can go out there and do this too, creating a network of people who can touch the lives of many.

Thanks for listening to my story, I look forward hearing yours one day and meeting you in person.

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