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Ready to make your dream career your reality

At Vital Qi we offer everything from short workshops to Diploma level programs tailored to suit adult learners.

What we can do for you

My name is Sarah Gilmour-Mayne, and I am the founder and head educator at Vital Qi.


I have been blessed to have the honour of teaching others about my passion for over 15 years.

Kinesiology gave me access to what I needed to create the career I had always dreamed of; financially, emotionally and lifestyle-wise.  To have the success that I created by helping others to flourish.


At Vital Qi, I have taken my vast experience as a practitioner and educator of adult learners and create programmes that will not only give you a field-leading education but will mentor you to your personal success.

Who is this training for?

Whether you are new to this field or an existing practitioner, our programs will help you:

Be a successful professional


Get results for your clients


Leverage your unique strengths


Charge what you are worth


Create our own work/life balance


Live the career you love

And you'll do all of this in a way that is fully aligned with your integrity and values.

What sets Vital Qi apart from any other Kinesiology Learning Centre?

Focus on the individual:

As a boutique college, we chose to cap classes at 10 people, to allow for nurturing of each class member throughout.





Over 20 years in the wellness and empowerment industry.



Ongoing support:


A mentoring programme that supports our students. Aiding you to integrate your other training, talents and gifts into your practice. Challenging you to stretch further and inspiring you to action.



Quality education:


As Internationally accredited programmes that are truly world class



A unique community :


A connected group of like-minded individuals who create a community of extraordinary humans.



For real people :


Training formats that work for busy adult learners with real lives.



This is your time

The world needs that unique gift

that only you have

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